Natur Research Foods, Inc.
Natur Bakers Blend tastes and bakes just like sugar, yet has 40% fewer calories than sugar and is low glycemic. Natur Bakers Blend measures just like sugar, teaspoon for teaspoon. It also bakes just like sugar, providing a brown crust and moist texture. Natur All Natural Sweetener is an all natural sweetener and its formulation is patent pending. Natur All Natural Sweetener has the GRAS designation which is considered safe for human food consumption as determined by the FDA.

Health Benefits of Whey Low for the Diabetic, the Weight-watcher, and the Health-conscious. In your diet, Whey Low helps you achieve & maintain a healthy & attractive body image
100% Natural
75% fewer Calories than sugar
70-80% lower Glycemic Index than sugar
Only 1 Effective Carb per Serving
Tastes Exactly like Sugar